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What is the Joyous App? More than just a mobile app for restaurants!

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A mobile app for restaurants on Main Street (not Wall Street)

When you think about the phrase mobile app for restaurants, do you think about Doordash or Grubhub or UberEats?

Every restaurant owner knows these apps.

And just about all hate them with a fiery passion.

That’s because so many of these apps exploit restaurants by taking huge cuts of revenue to manage deliveries and even takeout orders.

Diners know that these apps jack up prices and charge crazy amounts for delivery.

These apps, backed by Wall Street billionaires expecting big returns, are under intense pressure to deliver results for their investors—and like so much Wall Street thinking, it’s short term, not long term. And so they take advantage of restaurants and they take advantage of restaurant patrons. For too long, they’ve been the only game in town. And despite different names, they’re basically the exact same exploitative business model in different clothing.

Joyous is a different kind of mobile app for restaurants.

We created Joyous to be a Main Street solution to mobile restaurant ordering. That’s why our motto is “connecting commerce and community”. That’s why our mission is the “help restaurants thrive”. We believe in creating long term value for our restaurant partners. We believe in a long term vision of success, not merely a great third quarter result.

Joyous App: a mobile app for restaurants that connects community and commerce

Put simply: Joyous is a mobile ordering app for the 99%. If you are part of a big national franchise or have hedge funds backing you… well, you’re not a good fit for Joyous. You don’t need our help.

We work only with local, independent restaurants.

We created Joyous because we have experience in the restaurant industry

Our founder and senior staff members have been partners and founders of restaurants and food-service businesses. We have cursed the big delivery services right along with restaurant owners from around Portland and beyond.

We know the struggles that restaurateurs face every day, because we’ve struggled with them, too. That’s why we strive to give independent restaurants access to the same marketing tools, the same online resources, the same first-class ordering systems that the bigger folks have access to.

And we are about creating long term, sustainable partnerships with our restaurant partners.

That’s why all promotions offered to customers through our mobile app, and there are loads of them, come out of our cut, not the restaurant’s revenue.

More Than Just Delivery & Takeout

The Joyous App is more than just a mobile app for restaurants. It’s an entire marketing system designed to bring new customers into your restaurant and keep your existing customers coming back way more often. Our loyalty programs are more than just a punchcard system. We offer ways to grow your bottom line by increasing your order size through our innovative Family Dinners feature. We offer a way to encourage lunch orders from independent restaurants to compete with the likes of Subway and McDonalds through our Box Lunch system.

And it’s made locally in Portland, Oregon!

Reach out for a demo of our app, or just download it from the App Store or Google Play and see what we’re talking about.