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Foodie’s Choice Awards

Foodie's Choice Awards is a free program from Joyous to help promote local restaurants

Foodie’s Choice Awards: What are they?

The Foodie’s Choice Awards are a creation of Joyous meant to help local, independent restaurants promote themselves in a fun and novel way.

The Foodie’s Choice Awards are a people’s-choice style awards that Joyous conducts every year. Voting for the awards is free, as is being nominated and winning.

Any local, independent restaurant in our main service areas is eligible for the awards.

The awards are just one of the many ways we try to give back to our community of local, independent restaurants.

When are the Foodie’s Choice Awards?

The awards nomination process starts October 15th of each year and runs through December 15th. Voting for winners begins December 16th and runs through January 31st of the following year. Winners are announced each February.

What is the cost to participate?

The awards are free for nominators and voters and free for restaurants to participate.

How Do Restaurants Participate?

It’s simple and free!

Any user of the Joyous App may nominate and vote for a restaurant. Voting and nominating are free. There is no cost to the restaurant to be nominated or to win.

If you would like to promote your restaurant through the awards, contact Joyous to learn more.

How Do Voters Participate?

It’s simple and free!

To nominate and vote], just download the free Joyous App. Once the nomination and voting period has begun, you’ll see an icon on the Joyous home screen that will take you to the nomination and voting page.

Download The Joyous App to Nominate and Vote

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