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Joyous vs. Competitors

In a cage match of Joyous vs. the billion-dollar delivery companies, how does Joyous stack up against the competition? We put together this handy comparison table to help you learn what sets Joyous apart from all the other mobile ordering solutions and delivery platforms out there.

Joyous vs. the billion-dollar delivery companies
& Other Platforms
Effective Cost Less than 5% 25-45%
Group & Catering Orders YES! Nope
Social Media Marketing YES! Nope
Risk-Free Signup YES! Nope
Platform Paid Promotions YES! Nope
Daily Promotions of YOUR restaurant YES! Nope
ONLY Local Portland Restaurants YES! Nope
Free SEO Optimized Website YES! Nope
Annual Contract NO! Sometimes
Setup Fees NEVER! Sometimes
Dine-In Order Support YES! Nope
Contactless Curbside Pickup YES! Nope
Feedback From Every Customer YES! Nope
Engage With ALL Your Customers From An iPad YES! Nope
Search Engine Marketing YES! Nope
Loyalty Marketing YES! Nope
Support for Takeout, Delivery, Dine In and Catering/Group Orders YES! Nope

Joyous vs. the Competitors Explanations

Effective Cost

This is the essential cost to you of the services that Joyous provides minus the value that it creates for you. Your effective cost is so much lower with Joyous because unlike the competitors we pay for all customer promotions through our fee. It’s part of how we give back to our restaurant partners (helping them build a loyal following) and to our restaurant patrons (through our Forever Discounts).

Group & Catering Orders

Through Joyous’ unique Family Dinners and Box Lunch features, we support catering orders for your restaurant directly through our system in ways that allows customers easy access to book these services from your restaurant through an existing channel. Helping you to manage your special order flow through the simplicity of one system.

Platform Paid Promotions

All promotions offered through the Joyous Platform are paid for out of our cut. You read that right. You don’t pay for any of the offers that are auto-magically given to customers on the Joyous Platform—this is our way of investing back into your business to bring you new customers and encourage previous customers to purchase from you again. We do this because we believe that we can thrive together.

Risk-Free Signup

There is absolutely no risk to sign up for Joyous. We pay for all the upfront costs associated with getting set up on our platform by providing you with an iPad. There is no annual contract or monthly fee. You can cancel at any time and simply return our equipment

Only Local Portland Restaurants

We only support local, independent restaurants in the Portland Metro Area—not national chains or global franchises. This means that your restaurant isn’t competing with McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and others for eyeballs on our platform. We think that the giant chains have all the marketing support they need from their global marketing teams—we aim to deliver similar results for your local, independent restaurant!

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Website

We create a complete profile site for your restaurant that pulls in data from Google Maps, Google Reviews, Google Places and many other sources to provide a home for your restaurant on the web that’s guaranteed to be regularly optimized for search engines.

Check out these examples: Biryani Corner, Wassabi Asian Fusion Restaurant, or Blue Moon Diner.

Daily Promotions of YOUR Restaurant

Our intelligent back-end systems are designed with one goal in mind: to help bring new customers to your restaurant and to encourage existing customers to purchase from you again. Our systems promote YOUR restaurant to new and existing customers each and every day.

Social Media Marketing

Joyous engages on Social Media Marketing on your behalf through our channels (Facebook, Instagram) and through your own if you provide us access. In Joyous vs. the delivery companies, we think this is a clear win for Joyous.

No Annual Contract

Joyous has no annual or monthly contract. You can cancel at any time if you are unhappy with the services that Joyous is providing.

No Setup Fees

Joyous has no setup fees. We provide you with an iPad to access the Joyous systems at our cost—there is no cost to you!

Feedback From Every Customer

Our system is design to solicit valuable feedback from EVERY customer you sell to so that you can get a thorough idea of how well you are performing with your customers. This valuable feedback allows you to catch problems early and make corrections to keep customers coming back to your restaurant.

Search Engine Marketing

It can be a lot of effort to optimize your website for search engines and Google is constantly updating its algorithms. We take the hassle out of this by providing you with a website that is designed to start at a high domain authority to instantly draw eyeballs. We also operate a series of high-value domains that drive traffic to our partners

Loyalty Marketing

Punch cards are so last century, but luckily we’ve improved upon them. Our system is designed to reward your most loyal customers in a way that keeps them coming back for new rewards. You’ll be able to see your customers coming back for more!