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Restaurant Onboarding: Google My Business

Promoting your business on Google 

As your true marketing partner we would like to promote your business at no extra cost through all the marketing channels even the ones outside our platform including social media, Google, Yelp etc.
To help get more 5 star reviews from authentic customers who made an order at your business and make your business more visible in Google searches we need full access to your Google Business page.  

Following are the step by step instructions to give us required access to your Google business page as we agreed.  

Google My Business Page Instructions 

  1. In a browser window, navigate to: https://www.google.com/business/ 
  1. Click Manage Now

3. Enter the name of your business 

  1. If the name of your business comes up, click on it. If it does not come up, don’t worry—you can stop here and send an email to us saying my business doesn’t have “Google my business” page.  We will take it from here.  
  1. If you are already managing your business, Click Continue. Proceed to step 6. 

If you are not already managing your business you may see a screen that asks you to Claim Your Business through a verification process by phone, email, or snail mail. If that is the case, you can stop here and send us an email indicating the same and we will take it from here.  

  1. Click the Three Vertical Dots

  1. Click Business Profile Settings 
  1. Click on Managers
  1. Click on Add
  1. In order to enable the proper automation for your Google My Business account, we need Owner Access. You will retain “Primary Owner” status, and we will not change that.
  1. In the line where it says “Enter name or email address”, type joyous.gmb.auto.2@gmail.com and click the Invite Button. 

NOTE: Even though you are giving us Owner access, you will still retain the “Primary Owner” role and we won’t change that.   

You’re all done! 

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Vara Prasad: 

Email: vara@joyousapp.com Work: (503) 622-9380