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Joyousness Marches North as Joyous Comes to Vancouver and Camas!

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Joyousness Marches North as Joyous Comes to Vancouver and Camas!

Vancouver, WA – Portland-Born Joyous has marked another milestone by expanding for the first time into Vancouver and Camas Washington!

This particular milestone is especially sweet for Joyous’ founder, Vara Prasad, who once co-owned Vancouver’s Chutney’s Restaurant.

“This is a homecoming, of sorts for us at Joyous, and me especially,” says Joyous’ founder Vara Prasad. “We are especially excited that Chutney’s has joined the Joyous platform for takeout and delivery orders. It’s wonderful for the company that I started as a result of my time growing Chutney’s to be connected to the restaurant that started it all. It’s an emotional moment for me.”

Chutney’s is joined on the platform by Eastland Sushi and Asian Cuisine in Vancouver, BurgerIM in Camas, Fujiya Ramen in Camas, and Blazzin Pizza in Vancouver.

It was Vara Prasad’s experience as a restaurateur that persuaded him that local, independent restaurants needed a better way to retain existing customers and market to new ones. “Vara talks about his experience with Chutney’s a lot as he develops new features for Joyous,” says Joyous Software Architect Brandon Gallagher.

These five restaurants represent a wide selection of cuisine to choose from. From Indian to Chinese to Japanese to American—many favorites from Blazzin’s delicious pizzas to BurgerIM’s spectacular burgers and a wide variety of Asian faves from Chutney’s, Eastland Sushi and Fujiya Ramen.

Popular, Highly-Rated Restaurants

As of this writing, each restaurant boasts a 4.6 star rating on Joyous’ platform. Ratings through the Joyous platform tend to be more reliable because nearly every single order is reviewed by each person who orders—a unique feature of the platform. Diners like this because it gives them a better idea of what to expect from a restaurant—a restaurant’s competitors can’t simple sign up for a free account to trash a local restaurant. “Every rating is tied to a specific order, and our industry-leading rating system ensures that diners can be sure that they’re getting an accurate picture of a restaurant from people who have actually eaten the food there. Not phony reviews from phony reviewers,” says VP of Marketing Richard Baldwin. Restaurants like the Joyous approach to ratings because it also gives them an accurate representation of how they are performing with customers.

“We have a different approach to takeout and delivery ordering than UberEats, Grubhub and DoorDash,” says founder Prasad. “But truly, it’s just a piece of the customer engagement platform we’re building.”

About Joyous:

Joyous was founded in 2013 by Vara Prasad, an Indian immigrant to the United States who worked his whole life in technology. After a long career in tech, including a successful acquisition by IBM and a long stint at IBM, Prasad put his life savings on the line to create a way for local, independent restaurants to thrive with the same tools that the big national chains have. Joyous is 100% bootstrapped, having taken no capital from professional investors at this time.

Since 2013, Joyous has built a platform that allows restaurants to offer many features, including takeout, delivery, and contactless dine-in. Still, these robust features—on par with DoorDash, UberEats and Grubhub—are just a small part of the automated marketing engine that Joyous starts for each independent restaurant that joins its platform. Joyous also offers its services to restaurants at a steep discount compared to the national delivery companies while at the same time offering them more. Please see our Restaurant Information Site to learn more about what Joyous can offer restaurants.

Joyous is committed to connecting community and commerce by helping local restaurants thrive while helping diners save on great meals.