Marketing is Like Breathing

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Marketing is Like Breathing

Take a deep breath.

And another.

You’ve been working so hard, it’s sometimes important to remember how important your breath is to you. Stop for a few minutes and let me know how that goes for you.

For a business, marketing is much like breathing is for the human body. It’s a necessary function to have a healthy, working business. And just like breathing for the human body: you can’t ever stop it without serious consequences.

Why Marketing is Like Breathing…

The world is a busy place filled with busy people going about their lives. Right now, your competitors are out there hustling to get more people into their restaurant. They are posting Facebook ads, and making Instagram posts, and printing out fliers to hang on people’s doors.

But as unnerving as that sounds, it’s not what you should really be afraid of.

What really should keep you up at night is your loyal customers forgetting about you.

You know the ones: they order from you two to three times per month. Maybe more. You hear their voices calling in an order. You see their smiling faces when they come to pick up their food.

These repeat orders are likely responsible for more than 60%-70% of your revenue.

But, those folks are the busy ones that I mentioned at the start of the section: they are busy and there are abundant demands on their time. They are seeing new restaurants on Instagram, they are out in the world being approached by the messages from your competitors. They are tempted at every turn.

Maybe your restaurant is super special. Maybe you offer something nobody else in town offers.

But, if you don’t, those temptations they see may lure them away to a new restaurant. And with them goes all that revenue they used to bring to your restaurant.

It’s a scary thought, for sure.

This is why marketing is important.

Marketing isn’t always just about getting new customers. It’s also about retaining the customers you have. There are many ways to do this, but one of the biggest is properly timed incentives.

Think of these incentives like breathing… too many breaths at once and you hyperventilate with the risk of passing out. Too few breaths and, well, you know.

How Can Joyous Help Your Marketing to Breathe

Joyous has spent years developing a set of algorithms designed to identify the moments when a restaurant patron most needs to hear from you.

The best part is that, just like when your body breathes on its own without you having to tell it to, Joyous works in the background without you needing to manage it.

It sends out perfectly timed promotions to your restaurant—promotions that Joyous pays for out of its commission.

Joyous also sends out regular posts to social media on behalf of your restaurant—automating the important marketing job of bringing in fresh, new customers to your business.

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