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Joyous Effective Cost

What Do We Mean By Effective Cost?

The Effective Cost is what you pay when the value of our marketing and promotional efforts is deducted from the Joyous commission. You can think of this cost as your marketing budget—an investment in the future success of your business. If you want to understand why marketing your restaurant is important we suggest you check out these great articles:

The bottom line is that without marketing nobody is going to know about your flavorful dishes or the hard work that goes into creating your awesome meals. Most restaurants fail in their first five years. Yours could be among them without exhaustive marketing efforts.

Joyous Invests In Your Business

We put a huge chunk of our commission back into your restaurant in the form of targeted promotions. We keep diners coming back to your restaurant time and again with these promos.

Joyous also conducts an array of automated marketing efforts on behalf of your restaurant—so you don’t have to!

Joyous Effective Cost Breakdown

What Joyous costs your business is a calculated as a percentage of your sales through our platform. Our commission rate is 18% of sales. This includes all of the marketing features and promotions that we run on behalf of your restaurant. We work hard to get you new customers and keep your existing customers coming back to your restaurant as super fans.

Joyous Effective Cost is less than 10%
Joyous’ Effective Cost is TONS lower than the costs of DoorDash, UberEats and Grubhub.